New Formats Premiering at MIPCOM 2016


MIPCOM 2016: A to Z list of formats launching global sales in Cannes.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Global format distributors brought their new TV content to Cannes. Here is the list of new formats premiering at MIPCOM 2016 (in alphabetical order):

'Animal Attraction' (dating show, DRG). One woman who always makes bad choices undertakes a series of tests, based mostly in the natural world, in order to see if one of seven male contestants would be right for her.

'Big House, Little House' (home makeover show, BBC Worldwide). This property show follows two couples as they tackle similar renovation projects, but on two very different budgets. We reveal which of the participants have been smart with their spending and added the biggest percentage profit to the value of their house.

'Blue' (docu-drama, Keshet International). The format discovers what it really means to be a police officer - shining a light on the high pressure conflict, personal dilemmas and complex motivations of those who job it is to keep us safe.

'Born To Be A Chef' (cooking competition, Armoza Formats). Two acclaimed chefs will each lead a team of 10 young apprentices. The chefs will challenge the trainees with demanding culinary assignments, keeping on only the creators of the most impressive dishes.

'Boxed' (social experiment, Keshet International). The show takes two people in the midst of a serious conflict and places them inside of a box to help them reach an agreement.

'Burning Questions!' (quiz show, Nippon TV). Eight famous men and women from all ages come together to put their worldly knowledge to the test. The program starts off with the "True or False Quiz" segment, in which the contestants give an initial answer based on their first impression. Then, Mr. True and Mr. False take turns making convincing arguments for their side.

'Clues' (detective drama, Keshet International). When one man vanishes from the face of the Earth, the two inherently different women in his life must learn to work together to reveal the truth.

'Cash Trapped' (game show, ITV Studios) sees six contestants battle it out across a series of fast paced question rounds that see them actively trying to sabotage their opponents in order to win a big cash prize. But in this quiz show, nobody leaves until somebody wins – until then, the players are cash trapped.

'Celebrity Home Secrets' (celebrity biography format, ITV Studios) features favourite stars' stories told through their personal property ladder, homes they've lived in.

'Countdown to Murder' (factual, BBC Worldwide). Stories of high-profile and shocking murders, charting the last days leading up to the horrific killings from the dual perspective of murderer and victim.

'Cue The Music' (game show, FremantleMedia). Music-focused trivia game show. With play along app.

'Curvy Supermodel' (casting show, Armoza Formats). In a nationwide casting show that searches for catwalk potential among the prettiest curves, 40 aspiring “plus-size” models will be selected out of thousands looking to find a place in the tough and discriminative modeling industry. An expert jury will mentor them and choose who has what it takes to continue to the next episode.

'Doctor Foster' (psychological drama, BBC Worldwide). Life of talented and respected family doctor at the heart of her village is about to explode. Suspecting her husband of having an affair, she’s determined to get to the truth.

'Drop the Mic' (battle show, CBS Studios International). Four celebrities are pitted against each other in a rap battle royale packed with “I can’t believe they just said that” moments. Each week, the studio audience chooses a new winner. Based on a segment from The Late Late Show.

'Dumb' (crime drama, Dori Media). 30 year old frustrated and stoned actress is stuck with the body and appearance of a teenager and hates it.

'Families Gone Wild' (reality show, FremantleMedia). Reality family drama set in the wilderness. Dysfunctional families in desperate need of an extreme remedy are marooned on a tropical desert island and must work together to rebuild their family harmony.

'Fast Forward' (reality, Endemol Shine). Ten motor racing fanatics go head to head for the chance to train and compete against each other for a spot in an international touring car team.

'Fishing Impossible' (factual, BBC Worldwide). Three fishing fanatics embark on the ultimate extreme fishing trip.

'Game Over' (half hour comedy, Dori Media). A peek into the life of stand-up comedian just before his wedding.

'Get The F*ck Out Of My House' (reality show, FremantleMedia). 100 complete strangers cram into an average sized suburban family home in the bid to become the last person standing and win a jackpot prize. To survive, the group will elect a leader and work collaboratively on how best to spend the household pot of money which doubles up as the prize fund – will they use it for necessities or will sparks fly as the prize fund dwindles as it is spent on alcohol and pizza.

'Going Back, Giving Back' (factual entertainment, DRG). Journey into their past in order to change another person’s future with an act of extraordinary generosity. The host reunites each benefactor with locations and people from their past, discussing how their lives could have turned out differently.

'Hoff the Record' (scripted, BBC Worldwide). This semi-improvised comedy sees actor David Hasselhoff play a fictionalised version of himself – complete with previously unknown German son and an oddball entourage – as he arrives in the UK to try and reignite his career.

'I Want My Wife Back' (romantic comedy, BBC Worldwide). When he throws a surprise 40th birthday party for his wife, he gets the biggest surprise of the night – she’s leaving him.

'Intuition' (game show, Dori Media). Challenging contestants use their intuition alone to answer 10 questions about a stranger they meet in the street to try and win cash prize.

'Living Stone' (adventure reality format, DRG). Seven couples are sent into the African wilderness and challenged to find their way to civilisation in ten stages. It’s a brutal journey through the salt pans and the savannah as they try to stick together and avoid exile and elimination.

'Locked' (game show, Endemol Shine). Contestants can win big, but only if they're able to escape from the game. Two contestants have to navigate their way through a maze of five concentric circles, each larger than the last, and each containing an increasing number of locked doors. Only through a combination of skill and strategy will the contestants be able to find their way out and win a money prize.

'Look Me in the Eye' (social experiment, Red Arrow International). An emotionally charged show that puts the power of eye contact to the test by attempting to reunite divided friends and families.

'ManBirth' (social experiment, Keshet International). Soon-to-be fathers are offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go through the mental and physical challenges - and joys - their partner experiences during pregnancy.

'Meet The Parents' (dating show, ITV Studios). One single girl questions the parents of five guys hoping to find their perfect partner. The boys must sit through their parents’ revelations while locked in the Parent Trap, the under-stage studio, seen only by the audience and viewers. They have one chance to defend themselves using The Panic Button.

'New Blood' (one hour crime format, BBC Worldwide). A new breed of criminal hides behind the legitimate facades of business and government. A trainee police detective and a very junior investigator must combine their skills to bring them down.

'Old House, New Home' (home makeover, BBC Worldwide). Two very different makeovers, with contrasting budgets, and design dilemmas. Every homeowner shares the same ambition; to achieve innovative and stunning results, while celebrating the unique history of their home.

'One of Us' (one hour drama, BBC Worldwide). Recently married, they are full of hope for the future – until their young lives are cut short by a brutal murder.

'Residents' (docu-drama, Keshet International). A look into the complex day-to-day worlds of five talented surgeons. Set in a high-pressure, large hospital.

'Saving Christmas' (reality, Electus). Friends and families get a chance to nominate the struggling holiday enthusiast for a crash course in how to do Christmas right. Comedic, DIY-enthusiast celebrity and no-nonsense food, beverage and design experts, will intervene and provide tips and tricks to pull off a Christmas friends and family will remember for years to come.

'Sidewalk Karaoke' (talent show, FremantleMedia). Musical entertainment format with sidewalk superstars.

'Streetlab' (comedy, Red Arrow International). Comedy format that follows four friends as they hit the streets to test their crazy theories about human behavior.

'Stupid Man, Smart Phone' (anti-survival show, BBC Worldwide). In this survival show, a city-dwelling comedian attempts some of the world’s toughest outdoor adventures, with no training, no guide – and his only survival tool is a mobile phone.

'Tenable' (quiz show, Endemol Shine). Play-along quiz focused on top ten lists.

'The Aliens' (one hour series, BBC Worldwide). The aliens are here. And they look just like us. After they crash-landed 40 years ago, attempts to integrate them into society failed. Now, these aliens – or ‘Morks’ – are penned into a bustling ghetto.

'The Animakers' (Nippon TV). Anime-aficionado celebrities are given the opportunity to develop characters that will spread love and joy to the world for ages to come. Combining their fresh ideas, passion and fetishism with cutting-edge Japanimation technology, they bring to life two-dimensional characters that they nurture from concept to creation.

'The Best of All' (game show, Dori Media). The show tests the theory that a crowd of people will answer a question correctly more often than an individual, and even an expert.

'The Dating Code' (dating, Endemol Shine). Two singles. They dont know each other. After a short date to know each other, its time to exchange and reveal their passwords. Now, they are digitally naked and have 24 hours to study each other, without filters.

'The Ex Team' (factual entertainment, Armoza Formats). A bachelor will be guided by his exes. 3 of his ex-girlfriends will try to put aside their differences to become a qualified coaching team and will work together with the sole purpose of helping him to find love.

'The Fare' (fantasy thriller, Keshet International). A taxi driver tries to help his passengers solve their problems in order to fulfil the deal he has made with a higher power for protection.

'The Job Interview' (fixed-rig, ITV Studios) follows the interview process for real jobs being offered by genuine employers.

'The Kettering Incident' (thriller, BBC Worldwide). Dr Anna Macy was just a child when her best friend Gillian mysteriously disappeared. Fifteen years later Anna returns to her home town to find that the rumours still persist about what really happened to the girls that night.

'The Letter' (reality, ITV Studios). A close group of friends draw names and anonymously write their chosen person a thoughtful yet brutally honest letter outlining all of the things that they need to change to make their lives better. For one week, they must follow all of the rules outlined in their letter.

'The Lie Detective' (talk show, FremantleMedia) puts couples in the hot seat for intimate and honest conversations with lie detector involved and an expert interviewing them.

'The Paper' (crime drama, Keshet International). A cocktail of political corruption, power struggles, private weaknesses, crime, selfishness and betrayed expectations. Set at a busy news desk.

'The Society Game' (reality, Endemol Shine). 22 people will be split into two distinct and contrasting societies one a Democracy, the other a Dictatorship. Each day the two sides will compete against each other to explore which society is more effective and which leaders rise to the top.

'The World According to Kids' (factual, BBC Worldwide). In each self-contained episode a small group of youngsters explore issues that affect all children, regardless of age, background, class or upbringing. Focusing on solving a task or problem, they bring their own brand of logic to a variety of topics.

'Thirteen' (psychological drama, BBC Worldwide). A 26-year-old woman learns to live again after 13 years in captivity. She’s beginning to pick up the threads of a life half-lived, but they’re about to be pulled apart again.

'Too Much Information AKA TMI' (hidden camera, DRG). Prank show that uses social media to catch out socially active 18- 25 year olds - to shock, confuse and freak them out.

'Top Class' (competition, ITV Studios). 16 schools compete in a nail-biting, knockout tournament, and show by show, are whittled down until just one remains to be crowned the smartest school in Britain.

'Undercover' (political thriller, BBC Worldwide). A high-powered lawyer is at the very top of her profession. But just as her life comes under intense public scrutiny, she discovers that her husband has been lying to her for 20 years. At the same time a case that has dominated her career is about to reach its conclusion.

'Wedding Cake Challenge' (cooking competition, FremantleMedia). A mashup of baking and weddings; the aim is to make the best wedding cake.

'Welcome to the Wild' (adventure reality format, Keshet International). Contestants on a wild journey.

'What You Don’t Wanna Know' (reality, ITV Studios) sees 15 brave participants entering a room in couples, where one is hooked up to a lie detector and the other asks the questions. Participants don’t know is that at the end of questioning, the roles are reversed and the interviewer will be in the hot chair facing the questions.

'Worst Bakers' (cooking competition, all3media). Twelve of the most disastrous bakers in the country set for a grueling baking boot camp.

'Yes Chef' (cooking show, ITV Studios). Country’s top professional chefs are partnered with amateur cooks to do battle in the kitchen.

'Youtubers' (reality, ITV Studios). Sharing a house together, the Youtubers compete in a series of video challenges covering genres from comedy to culinary – and the participant with the most likes on their video wins.

'!mpossible' (quiz show, BBC Worldwide). In a traditional quiz, questions only have right answers and wrong answers. But this is the quiz with the third dimension. It’s an answer that’s not just wrong, it couldn’t possibly be right. In each show, our regular cast of 30 players answer multiple choice questions for the chance to win one of three places in the daily final.

'#TheFeed' (cooking, Keshet International). Culinary guidebook driven by social media; the series sets out on a global adventure to discover the internet’s most talked about dishes.

'100% Hotter' (makeover show, FremantleMedia). Contestants with the worst fashion disasters are nominated by friends or family to have their extreme look tamed and a panel of style experts who have just 24 hours to complete a style overhaul.

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