The Heart Of My Country

The show’s structure plays on regional rivalries and a pride people have in their national and provincial identity, with performers having to sing in the country’s language, and encourages performers to canvass votes from across the country in order to win the hearts - and votes - of their fellow countrymen.

The show begins with the qualifying rounds, where contestants representing the nation’s provinces perform front of a panel of three musically-acclaimed judges, representing different genres, generations and regions. All songs – whether traditional folksongs or international pop hits - must be performed in the nation’s mother tongue. A favourite act is selected by each judge and then has five days in which to tour the country using whatever techniques they can to generate publicity and get viewer votes.

Vocal talent is only a part of the skills needed to make it through this stage; performers will also have to show creativity, stamina and strong tactics to make it through the canvassing, using all forms of digital and traditional media to stimulate viewer engagement. Contestants are encouraged to use social networking and personal campaigning to win over rival regions. (source:

Format distributor: FremantleMedia
Country of origin: Austria (Puls 4)
AKA: Herz von Österreich (Austria)

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