My Diet is Better Than Yours

This format pits five diet experts and their revolutionary weight loss plans against each other.

There are thousands of diets promising to help people lose weight, but how do you choose the diet that will work? Five diet experts, from fitness trainers to dieticians and nutritionists, put their reputations on the line to prove that they have the best weight loss plan; and five overweight people are each given one of the competing plans.

'My Diet is Better Than Yours' puts the power firmly in the hands of the contestants, allowing them to switch plans if they don’t feel their diet is working. The contestants live in their own homes, testing their chosen plans whilst juggling the challenges of real life. The experts check in with them once a day to help them follow the regime.

Each episode the contestants participate in a dramatic fitness challenge to measure their progress. At the end of the series the contestants must complete a half marathon in order to qualify for the final weigh in, testing if the diet plans are good for both weight loss and fitness. The diet expert whose plan sees the most significant weight loss results, receives national recognition and their contestant wins a cash prize. (source:

Format distributor: Red Arrow International
Genre: reality, competition, weight loss
Country of origin: USA (ABC)
AKA: Diet Wars (U.S. working title)

My Diet is Better Than Yours

Red Arrow International format highlights for MIPTV 2016.

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