Touch is a cross media brand- a TV Game and a mobile game based on touch screens.

The game leans on a simple and visual concept “what’s wrong with this picture?”. All you have to do is concentrate on an image or a video, identify what’s “wrong” and touch the screen where you see the error as time counts down – it’s extremely addictive, whether you are playing on your mobile at any time (offline), or while watching the show (real-time).

The rounds of the game are based on images and videos that have undergone deliberate digital editing with missing or added details, real-life pictures with an odd or illogical element or several images with one exception.

The contestants in the studio and the audience are presented with a new category each time a new visual presented. The images can be anything from scenes taken from well-known movies and TV shows, historic moments, sporting events and so on. ‎A large portion of the images relate to current affairs – from breaking news to paparazzi snaps and red carpet events. ‎

Players at home can play against contestants when the show is on air by using their mobile devices and/or independently at any time – solving daily riddles to win prizes and challenging their friends. (source:

Format distributor: Keshet International
Genre: game show
Country of origin: Israel

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