'Celebrity Name Game' and More: New FremantleMedia Formats Come to MIPCOM

Celebrity Name Game

FremantleMedia announces new formats: 'Celebrity Name Game', 'Master Athletes', 'Heaven or Hell', 'My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours', 'Virtually Famous' and 'The Heart Of My Country'.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FremantleMedia launches five new formats at MIPCOM 2014 in Cannes:

'Master Athletes' is a format that combines sport and classical reality competition elements. You can read more about it in this article.

'Heaven or Hell' is a quiz set in heaven. Contestants anwer multiple choice questions and if they don't know the answer for sure but still want to continue, they descend to hell and face Jackass-style challenge. The format launched last month on German ProSieben with 1.93 million viewers (3+) and good 16.0% market share in ad-relevant target group 14-49 according to AGF/GfK data.

'Celebrity Name Game' tests audience’s celebrity knowledge. Celebrities team up with contestants to identify famous names including actors, singers, athletes, pop culture figures, politicians or cartoon characters, using only improvised clues. The format is developed by Courteney Cox and David Arquette and premieres September 22 in U.S. syndication.

'My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours' is a culinary gameshow that combines cooking, competition and family dynamics. Two teams, a mother and their culinary challenged son or daughter, compete against one another for a cash prize. Contestant has to listen carefully to their mom who is watching - and interfering.

In panel show format 'Virtually Famous' three rival teams battle it out for points over the trending online moments. Creators of the online content appear as special guests.

'The Heart Of My Country' is a singing talent format. The show plays on regional rivalries and a pride people have in their national and provincial identity, with performers having to sing in the country's language. The judges are included but contestants must tour the country as well to generate publicity and get viewer votes. "Vocal talent is only a part of the skills needed; performers will also have to show creativity, stamina and strong tactics," says FremantleMedia.

(source: FremantleMedia press release)