My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours

Two teams, a Mother and their culinary challenged son or daughter, compete against one another for a cash prize. With the clock ticking, tempers can soon start to boil-over as the contestant has to listen carefully to their mom who is watching – and interfering – from the sidelines. If things start to go wrong the Mom can push a ‘panic button’ which allows them to intervene, but it also makes the time wind down twice as fast. Once each team has had their turn, a food critic blind tastes both dishes and reveals which contestant’s ‘mom cooks better.’ (source:

Genre: cooking gameshow
Format distributor: FremantleMedia
Country of origin: Spain (Cuatro)
AKA: Mi madre cocina mejor que la tuya (Spain)

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FremantleMedia announces new formats: 'Celebrity Name Game', 'Master Athletes', 'Heaven or Hell', 'My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours', 'Virtually Famous' and 'The Heart Of My Country'.

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