You Will Love Me

You Will Love Me follows the story of a pretty young girl with a big exciting secret. In real life, she is inexperienced in love having only had one relationship (and even that ended badly). But in the digital world, she is the hugely popular romance guru Dr Nova. Dr Nova’s blog posts are followed by millions of people who have been unlucky in love and are looking for advice. Under her guise as the wise male master of love, she advises hopefuls on how they can make themselves more attractive to the objects of their desire.

One day she notices that a young man she is speaking to seems to have striking similarities with her geeky and irritating neighbour. She doesn’t let that interfere with her duties as Dr Nova though and begins a huge makeover which sees him transformed from heartbroken to heartbreaker!

Unwittingly, as things progress she becomes closer to him in real life – which threatens to uncover her digital alter-ego. Things start to get complicated… What will happen when her digital identity clashes with her real self? (source:

Format distributor: Keshet International
Genre: romantic comedy
Country of origin: South Korea

You Will Love Me

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